Speculaas - Speculoos – Windmill Cookies

Speculaas is a famous Dutch cookie, traditionally baked for the Holiday of Sinterklaas, celebrated in the Netherlands on December 5 and in Belgium on December 6. Nowadays, Speculaas cookies are available year round. Speculaas cookies are thin, crunchy and lightly browned. The cookies have an image or figure on the front and are flat on the back.

The spices used in Speculaas are cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom & white pepper. Other ingredients are white flour, brown sugar and butter. Speculaas cookies come in many varieties: traditional, with almond slivers, reuze speculaas, speculaas brokken and there is even a Speculaas spread to use on sandwiches. A recent study found that one in four households in the Netherlands consumes this Speculoos spread (pasta) by Lotus.

The origins of the name Speculaas is uncertain. Specerij, the Dutch word for spices is one possible origin. In Belgium, the cookies are referred to as "Speculoos", in Germany as "Spekulatius".

In the United States, Australia & New Zealand speculaas are often sold as Dutch Windmill cookies.

Kaas & Co. carries all above mentioned varieties of Speculaas made by Hellema, De Ruiter and De Molen's Banket, plus the Speculoos spread by Lotus. We also carry the spice mix "Koek & Speculaas" kruiden.